I’m dad of 3 kids, husband, hiker, amateur photographer, visual astronomy enthusiast, barefoot/minimal runner and software engineer.

Eilat Mountains

Eilat Mountains

After quite a long period of hiking I decided to share with you some of my findings how to make it easier to hike with kids. A good start point is Tips for hiking with kids. I will also post some info about ultralight hiking: gear, ideas and reviews.

Since I live in Israel, I hike a lot in Negev Desert and its area. I find it very beautiful and interesting place not only because of ton of historical places, but mostly because it is really the only wild place in Israel. Desert scenery is breathtaking. The photo you see at my blog’s header, for example, is one I shot near Han Beer in Ramon Crater.

I hope you will find this blog interesting and please don’t hesitate to write me your suggestions and/or tips.

Happy trails!

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  1. Hello “HikingDad”.
    I ran into your blog from a link posted by John Abela – Hikelighter.Com on facebook, to your UL quilt comparison post.
    I was quite surprised to discover you also live in Israel, and I just wanted to invite you over to our little hiking forum at http://hike.co.il – we have many discussions about medium-long distance hiking, and ultra light gear as well.
    I hope you keep on updating this blog here (and that I am not posting on some old and stale blog – I couldn’t find any dates in here).

  2. thehikingdad says:

    Hi Noam 🙂
    Actually I’m already part of your (our) community. My nick there is neutrino 😀

    • I thought about this possibility, but I figured you’d mention your blog on the forum, and I didn’t remember any such post.
      Anyway, it seems to be a very nice blog, and I’ll keep following it.

  3. thehikingdad says:

    Thanks Noam for your kind words.

  4. I have a great interest in the archeology being done in Israel. There is DNA evidence in the native Americans that shows their ancestors may have been of the Prophet Lehi.
    I may come over and do some research and hike awhile 🙂
    Very nice in-depth review of the Starlyte XL ….thank you 🙂 Some tips will be made at BPL
    What are the weather conditions in the desert where you hike?
    Spend as much time as possible being a Hiking Dad. Children grow up too fast 😉


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